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The VIP MarketPlace by VIP First Class ®

World's Most Exclusive Products, directly to your home!

The VIP MarketPlace® offers luxury brand designer products at special prices year round. A subsidiary of the VIP First Class® International Group (an estimated 4.6 Billion Dollar U.S. enterprise) it caters to an exclusive global network of affluent individuals and elite businesses worldwide. VIP First Class® builds strategic alliances with the world's most exclusive celebrities, brands and has been featured on the worldwide media, most notably on Forbes Magazine.

  • Exclusive Designer Brand Products
  • VIP Customer Experience
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • $50,000 Buyer Protection
  • Express DHL Worldwide Delivery
  • 100% Secure Online Shopping

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Our Offices

VIP First Class ® Headquarters - Los Angeles

Operating since 2007, VIP First Class ® is headquartered in Los Angeles and maintains regional offices in strategic global positions. VIP First Class ® maintains representatives in over 100 global Locations spread throughout 46 countries.

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VIP First Class ® Events and Media

VIP First Class ® has hosted major events worldwide with renowned fashion designers, Royals, Celebrities and VIPs and has also been featured in the Global Media including Forbes, Yahoo, Msnbc and other international media outlets.

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